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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fixed Maturity Plans ( FMPs )

Recently, I read about Fixed Maturity Plans or FMPs as they are commonly known. These plans are of about 13 months duration and give better returns than Fixed deposits (FDs), normally. FMPs manage to do that because of Double Indexation benefits. Double indexation basically is - showing the effect of inflation on your investment for two years even if the investment is for only slightly more than a year. Since the financial year ends in March, FMPs show the period of investment from March of the year of investment to May of next year. This results in showing on paper the final value of investment as being much less than what it is in real. This results in less tax to be paid and more net return to the investor. FDs in banks, even if they give the same % return like FMPs don't have such double indexation benefits and so the investor ends up paying more in taxes and gets less net return.
In effect, while FDs manage to just beat the inflation, FMPs manage to grow the investment. FMPs, thus, are a better choice if one has money they are sure they can invest for at least 13 months.
One thing I haven't found yet is if FMPs are available all year around, or just around March. Would they be available in May? According to a relationship manager, they should be.

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