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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Review - Compare credit cards

These days credit cards have become a sort of necessity for consumers. Be it shopping, eating out, or simply booking flight tickets online, many times there is no other option but to use a credit card. With the abundance of credit cards, it would be good to have a website that compares the different types of credit cards available in the market. Today I will review one such website .

There is a website aptly named for credit cards available in the UK. It compares credit cards based on different categories. There are different categories of cards like Gold cards, Cashback cards, Platinum cards, 0% purchase cards, etc.

There are so many options to chose from the available credit cards that such a site for comparing credit cards is useful for anyone planning to get a new credit card. The home page of the site has 'Compare credit cards' menu from which one can select any category to compare. The user can compare these cards based on offers such as rate, duration, cashback, rewards and choose the best one.

Even though there are different categories of credit cards to choose from the drop down menu, I had a feeling that it doesn't have information on all credit cards. For example, I chose cashback cards but the result showed only one card. Similar was the case with Gold cards. That is very unlikey, even impossible, that there's only one bank offering such cards in the UK. Similar was the case for some other categories as well. To be truly useful to a user, all available cards should be available in the result so that he can select the best.


credit card applicant said...

I wanna get myself a gasoline credit card just for the generous rebates but i cant say that i drive really often. Will it be to my advantage still or not?

osgeek said...

If you don't want to carry cash all the time, then it should be useful. Also there are rewards with such cards like cashback.

Funny Guy said...

I use credit cards anywhere and everywhere. I am an active traveller and use frequent flier credit card that helps me to earn bonus miles and save my money.

CreditGuru said...

It's very important to find a credit card that is right for you credit history. That is why you should contact any of the three credit bureaus and get your credit report.

Sagem said...

I think people need to compare the rate of interest and also the liquidity of the bank.

compare credit cards said...

Here is lots of useful information about compare credit cards also you can directly apply for prepaid mastercard, credit cards and debit cards.

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