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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I'm reviewing of a very interesting website today. It's called Cashunclaimed. For the US people, it seems like there's some kind of central database of all the money that is lying without being claimed by anyone. This website offers a service to find if you have money lying somewhere without your knowledge. It offers money-back guarantee that the legitimate owner will get their money.

One can search the website for free by First name and Last name if they have such money. It could be some inheritance, some savings account, or some other source. The search is free, but if you get some unclaimed money on your name and want to search the records to find where the money lies, you have to pay a fee of $11 per month to Cashunclaimed. You can do anything you want for this one month.

Being sceptic, I entered my first name and last name, and there was no money unclaimed for me. I entered Bill Gates, and his namesakes have some money. Note that there is a big chance that the unclaimed money doesn't belong to you but to some other person with same name as yours - or a person with some variation of your name. There would be only one person or a group of such persons with legit claim on the money, but hundreds others with similar names. So, one has to be careful before registering in such sites. Try to make sure you are likely to have been left with unclaimed money from somewhere. Otherwise, the website will make money.

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