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Friday, May 25, 2007

Super affiliate Zac Johnson

Today I am reviewing the blog of super affiliate Zac Johnson. The term super affiliate means they run their own affiliate networks and obviously earn quite $ome money online. Well, quite a lot, actually. Zac's network of affiliates is called Moneyreign network.

First thing I did, which I hope every reviewer does, was to go spend some time on his blog. The blog is lively with daily updates on interesting ways to make money online through affiliate marketing. Zac has a lot of experience in online money-making (10+ yrs experience in online affiliate marketing is like doing business on earth since prehistoric time. Afterall, the real thing started with companies like Google, Amazon, and Ebay that weren't around 10 years ago).

One of the things I like most in a blog, apart from the quality of posts, and which keeps me subscribed is the frequency of posts. It should be frequent and Zac does it almost daily which is a big plus. His postings are mainly about money making schemes but there are some personal posts as well, along with pics. Such postings makes the blog more attractive to readers and breaks the monotone. Afterall, there's more to write than just money even if the site is named 'Make money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson'.

The blog posts are nicely aggregated into categories which a new reader to the blog should find useful depending on his/her topics of interest. Archives of his blog shows that he started the blog in March 2007 which means it is only a few months old. Still, it is generating a lot of traffic and comments. I guess it should have a loyal feed readers, though the number isn't yet shown on the site(maybe Zac want the number to go up to few thousands before putting up that chicklet showing xxxx readers).

There are few ads on the site. In fact, I observed only some affiliate links in the blog, some of which are very wisely converted into tinyurls. The lack of ads on the site indicates he is focussed on increasing the readership of his blog.

Overall, the blog is interesting for those wanting to learn how to make money online. Since I am one of them, I have subscribed to his blog and intend to read it with interest.


Zac said...

Great review. I appreciate the time you took to read through the site and time you spent on the review.

osgeek said...

Glad you liked the review.
Think it boosted my chance of winning your 1 out of 10 reviews offer! :p

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